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New facts about the pyramids: a new miracle of the Qur’an

Posted by Science and Islam on Monday, February 28, 2011, In : Science and Islam 

New facts about the pyramids: a new miracle of the Qur’an

Last scientific discovery stated the following: French and U.S. researchers assert that the huge stones used by the Pharaohs to build the pyramids are just clay that has been heated at high temperatures…

Will the pyramids that we know as one of the Seven Wonders survive in the world? Did scientists find an answer to the puzzle of how the pyramids were built in ancient Egypt? Are some people still believe that the Jinn are the builder...

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Big bang, atom.....ISLAM.,,are you still confused?

Posted by Muhammad Bilal Amjad on Tuesday, January 25, 2011, In : Science and Islam 

The questions of how the universe originated, where it leads to, and how the laws maintaining its order and balance work have always been topics of interest. Scientists and thinkers have thought about this subject endlessly and have produced quite a few theories. 
The prevailing thought until the early 20th century was that the universe had infinite dimensions, that it had existed since eternity, and that it would continue to exist forever. According to this view, called the ‘static universe...

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Posted by Muhammad Bilal Amjad on Tuesday, January 25, 2011, In : Science and Islam 


Topic: Pulsars 

Not too long ago in science, we discovered that there are a group of stars named: pulsars. In fact, in 1967 Jocellyn Bell stumbled on a gravity time warp, which is a million times greater, than that produced by the sun. The object detected was emitting regular pulses, which are like heart-beats. At this time, pulsars where pulsating stars were not known to exist. When science further investigated this, the source of these signals in space where discovered. These were spinning ...

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Posted by Muhammad Bilal Amjad on Tuesday, January 25, 2011, In : Science and Islam 

 Within a century after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the Muslims not only conquered new lands, but also became scientific innovators with originality and productivity. They hit the source ball of knowledge over the fence to Europe. By the ninth century, Islamic medical practice had advanced from talisman and theology to hospitals with wards, doctors who had to pass tests, and the use of technical terminology. The then Baghdad General Hospital incorporated innovations whic...

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